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Get Portal for Free!

If you still havent goten the “cake is a lie” meme, now you can uncover the truth for yourself for free.

If you’re one of the people who have never experienced the Portal phenomenon for yourself, you now have the opportunity to get involved for precisely no cost whatsoever. That’s right, Valve has released the original game for free, and without any fanfare or even a front page feature on the Steam store.

The freebie Portal is part of Valve’s Learn with Portals campaign, intended to encourage educators to consider the use of video games such as Portal in their classroom.

“One of the biggest challenges in teaching science, technology, engineering, and math is capturing the students’ imaginations long enough for them to see all of the possibilities that lie ahead.”

“Using interactive tools like the Portal series to draw them in makes physics, math, logic, spatial reasoning, probability, and problem-solving interesting, cool, and fun which gets us one step closer to our goal—engaged, thoughtful kids!'”

The promotion, whether or not for education, expires September 20. So if you’ve not yet cursed out GLaDOS’ and her damn tests , now’s the time to get stucked in. Grab your free copy here.

Now only if we can get Half-Life 2 Episode 3, Yes Valve I haven’t forgotten.

Today’s free Android app of the Day – Fieldrunners HD

Sorry I did not post yesterdays free app of the day But this heat is killing me ( if you don’t know what I’m referring to go here) But I should be up and running in a few hours ( I hope crosses fingers..) and it should be all smooth sailing from there.

Armed and animated, a motley crew is bound and determined to infiltrate your base. Control the field in FieldrunnersHD, a tower defense game adapted for your Android device. Blowing up little helmeted soldiers, helicopters, and big, muscle-headed buffoons has never been so visually stunning–because now you can annihilate them in hi-definition graphics. HOO-rah!

Creatively Construct Your Defenses

Choose from seven towers, each with its own special weaponry, and unleash a medley of destruction. You’ll start small, maybe with the Gatling Tower, and work your way up to the Mortar Tower, delivering ultimate destructive powers via the nuke.

With a bird’s-eye view of your field, strategically place your towers where you believe they’ll be most effective. Drag and drop them from the menu to your field. Replace a tower by tapping it and then selling it for cash.

Earn more points and more cash by preventing enemies from crossing the grassy field and infiltrating your base. Lose a life for each fieldrunner that penetrates your defenses.

Demolish Countless Waves of Combatants

Master a wide array of tactics and strategies to help stand victorious against countless waves of unique land and air combatants. With over 400 levels across four unique battlefields, there’s always a Fieldrunner to slay, level to unlock, or achievement to earn.

Three modes of gameplay will satiate your tower defense desires. Start with Classic– offered in Easy, Medium, or Hard. Two additional modes, Extended and Endless, can only be unlocked by beating Classic.

Hi-Def Graphics Make Destruction More Fun

Stunning graphics, sound effects, and background music enhance the already-addictive gameplay. The enemy maintains an undaunting and tenacious character, grunting and collapsing with each blow. It’s just graphic enough to be amusing, but not gruesome enough to feel like you need a therapist.

See if you’ve got what it takes to defeat the Fieldrunners and rise to the top as the ultimate tower defense champion.

Note: FieldrunnersHD requires a phone running OS 2.2 or above, and is not compatible with tablets.


Today’s free Android app of the Day – Pocket Yoga

Bring your own personal yoga instructor with you wherever you go with this convenient and feature-filled yoga app.

Yoga, It Does a Body Good

The practice of yoga becomes beneficial when done on a regular basis. With Pocket Yoga, you can practice at your own pace and schedule, from the comfort of your own home. Simply set your Android device in front of your mat, select the Practice button from the main menu, and Pocket Yoga will guide you through your entire session.

Choose from three different practices, difficulty levels, and durations–a total of 27 different sessions are available! The practices in Pocket Yoga are inspired by the unique and original design of the world-renowned school of Gaia Flow Yoga. Browse through poses and read a detailed description and learn about the benefits of that particular pose.

  • Detailed voice and visual instruction guides you through every pose, including each inhalation and exhalation
  • Over 145 illustrated pose images with correct posture and positioning
  • Dictionary of poses containing descriptions and benefits of each pose
  • Maintains an ongoing log of all your yoga sessions to track your progress and promote consistency
  • Practices designed by experienced yoga instructors
  • Ability to play music from your music library in place of the default music

This is a great app. You can use It when you or In between classes. The three different styles with three different difficulty levels and times gives you 27 different workouts. Namaste bitches!

Today’s free Android app of the Day – Fireworks

Happy Fourth all Everyone have a safe and good 4th. Make sure no watermelon goes uneaten.

Celebrate Independence Day, New Year’s Eve–heck, even your puppy’s graduation from training school–with Fireworks, a dazzling live wallpaper for your Android device’s home screen. Fireworks shows a spectacular, colorful display bursting against the night sky, and it’s sure to help get you in a festive state of mind.

No Safety Glasses Required

Touch your screen to ignite the display: you’ll see vivid colors pop, sizzle, and dance against the ink-black background. To make the experience even more authentic, enable sound effects in the wallpaper’s settings. You’ll hear the sounds of a true-to-life fireworks show, down to the last pyrotechnic shriek.

As with all Android live wallpapers, you can set this up by going to the Wallpaper section in your device’s Menu. Select “Live Wallpapers” and find this product’s name in the list that appears. Choose it and you’ll see a live preview of its graphics. Simply touch the “Set wallpaper” button to confirm, and your wallpaper will be good to go. Enjoy the show!

Note: Fireworks is not compatible with devices that do not support Live Wallpapers.

Today’s free Android app of the Day – Sign

Sign is a speed-dialer for the touch-screen age. Call or text any contact by simply drawing a gesture on the screen. Just assign a gesture to any phone number, then activate Sign and draw the gesture to call or text that contact.

Gesture Recognition System

Enhanced gesture recognition uses a custom-designed gesture recognition system to more accurately and consistently identify gestures. Sign uses a customized, exclusive process of evaluating gestures to minimize the potential for misrecognition, and implements several other advanced features to prevent accidental calls common with direct-dial icons or other quick-dial widgets.

Unique Customized Signs

Sign also has several built-in measures to prevent misdials, including an adjustable dial confirmation (which can be turned off or be set up to four seconds) as well as allowing contact selection in the event Sign recognizes multiple contacts from the input gesture. Use single or multi-stroke gestures (“signs”) to create unique, customized signs for your contacts, including numbers, letters, words, and symbols.

Note: Sign is not compatible with tablets and other devices without phone calling and texting capabilities.


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