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19 premium games on sale through Google Play: Shadowrun Returns, 10000000 and several others

19 premium games on sale through Google Play: Shadowrun Returns, 10000000 and several others Via

It’s Official: Official SteamOS Hardware In Beta Testing


It’s official: Valve made their second of three major announcements this week and official SteamOS hardware is now in beta testing. While SteamOS will be released on a free license and apparently as open source software, it only makes sense that Valve secures preferred channel partners. Don’t be surprised if Razer and Alienware are amongst the hardware manufacturers, though it would be neat to see smaller companies like Sharkoon and Steel Series in the mix.

For now, it seems beta testing will be limited to 300 people. There is no formal application process but, to be elgible, all you have to do is basically be involved in the Steam community, have 10 friends, and play at least one game in Big Picture mode using a game pad. Since the awesome Action/MOBA Guardians of Middle Earth (GoME) is now available on Steam, that may be a good one to play and maybe livestream (hopefully it does not suffer from the same networking and save file issues the XBox LIVE version does). Hammerwatch is another great option for that retro-style dungeon crawler experience!


For more details on SteamOS and the upcoming hardware, GameInformer goes into detail about the beta process and what we should expect next. Valve is making big moves and just in time for the holiday season and the next-gen console releases. Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo better step it up – the big boys are coming to town!

More On SteamOS & Valve’s Plans For The Gaming Industry:

JV (John Vechey) Still A Dork <3

If you ever had the [mis]fortune of playing ARC, you may remember JV from his pre-PopCap days. He was a dork then and he still is now. We love him for it! Shame their games are such regurgitated crap but that’s the industry these days…

In this meme-caliber video, John Vechey does a strange uppercut-like power-slam-esque move to celebrate possibly the least exciting news of E3: Peggle 2 is in the works!  Don’t get me wrong, Peggle is a fun enough game but this is certainly nothing earth-shattering.  I am crossing my fingers for the day our friends at PopCap can come up with an IP that is actually unique AND fun.

NOTE:  The crowd does not share JV’s excitement..  Poor guy.  Still, we commend him for the excitement he continues to have today!  If only more presenters were like this at conventions.

Nintendo’s Press Conference Recap at E3 2012


The show started off with some nice CG overlay of Pikmin poking around in the dressing room of  Mr. Miyamoto. It it felt very stiff but it came off seemingly cool. He did a bit in english about the possibilities of pikmin being all around us and there were cuts to more CG pikmin on people in the audience.  Myiamoto announces the obvious Pikmin 3 for the WiiU. Looks great, 4 player co-op, better control is demonstrated in a very RTS overhead view via the WiiPad.

After this Reggie (I swear him & Kristen Stewart have the same public speaking coach, he was very dull and bored the fuck outta me as usual) took the stage to got a bit more technical. Which while most of it was bleh and expected we have streaming video etc. He did announce one major thing. WiiU will support up to 2 pads now instead of the 1 previously announced last year. Guess the public outcry over the past year has made them rethink that decision for the better.

Next up New Super Mario Bros. U,  integrates a new type of social comment tagging within the game. Looks really neat at a glance. Seems to work well with an over world map interface but I could see it easily being integrated with tons of other games.

Following this we got a A LOT of 3rd party reveals starting with a revamped Batman Arkham City: Armored Edition. It was introduced by pre-recording by the actress who plays Harley Quinn  We moved from this into a huge montage of game clips. Some of the games shown were Mass Effect 3, Scribblenauts Unlimited, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Tank! Tank! Tank!, Trine 2: Directors Cut, Ninja Gaiden 3, and more.

Next up the new Wii Fit U game, looks like more of the same and integrates the WiiPad as well as some sort of new device that looked  a basic step counter.

3DS took to the stage briefly to introduce New Super Mario Bros 2 which has a major focus on ‘gold’ or coins, and the newest addition to the Paper Mario franchise, Sticker Star. Also unveiled was a preview of the long awaited sequel to Luigi’s Mansion  subtitled Dark Moon. They promised more tomorrow night with an hour long presentation dedicated to 3DS.

What can I say about Lego City: Undercover. But after taking some time think about it,   seems like Grand Theft Auto Lego style but a lot more family friendly, There will be both a WiiU and a 3DS version.

They closed the show with a presentation for their new multi franchise integration game, Nintendoland. I honestly am not sure the presentation did this game justice, while at the same time it doesn’t seem to be much more than a pack in game similar to Wii Sports or Wii Play. Basicly the idea is it brings together tons of Nintendo franchises in the form of a theme park that you can take you Mii through and participate in 12 different attractions. It comes off as a collection of games like in a Mario Party title a bit more in-depth. The presentation seemed to drag on for ever and when they did show it we only saw a small bit of it. They spent too long on how a Luigi’s mansion themed find the ghost game worked.  I really  hope they don’t try to charge for this and it’s included with the system.

I wasn’t too impressed with Nintendo this year, they had a few new releases, but not what the fans were hoping for. They were  mostly games we have played already with a few new features for the Wii U. So why was there no mention of the two Zelda titles being worked on right now? Well Skyward Sword was released only six months ago.

Nintendo hasn’t been known to churn out all-new experiences one after the other too often; aside from Majora’s Mask or the Oracle duo, Nintendo has always been the sort of company that focuses on quality over quantity, and it has served them well. Short of a new game utilizing the Skyward Sword engine or a Majora’s Mask remake, we may have a long-ways to go until the next big reveal.

Not too thrilled that they only gave 3DS a few short minutes. Though we may have gotten nothing from the Nintendo regarding Zelda, there is still the possibility of a reveal at their upcoming 3DS event. Besides, the last we saw of Zelda for the 3DS was the Ocarina of Time remake in 2011 and the Link’s Awakening eShop release; if Nintendo is on the verge of giving us more Zelda, it will likely be for the 3DS.

The bottom line is even tho I have a better understanding of Wii U I’ll just stick the 3DS.

Sony’s Press Conference Recap at E3 2012

Sony certainly did quite the Press Event today, starting off with some maximum levels of dubstep. Read the rest of this entry


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