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It’s Official: Official SteamOS Hardware In Beta Testing


It’s official: Valve made their second of three major announcements this week and official SteamOS hardware is now in beta testing. While SteamOS will be released on a free license and apparently as open source software, it only makes sense that Valve secures preferred channel partners. Don’t be surprised if Razer and Alienware are amongst the hardware manufacturers, though it would be neat to see smaller companies like Sharkoon and Steel Series in the mix.

For now, it seems beta testing will be limited to 300 people. There is no formal application process but, to be elgible, all you have to do is basically be involved in the Steam community, have 10 friends, and play at least one game in Big Picture mode using a game pad. Since the awesome Action/MOBA Guardians of Middle Earth (GoME) is now available on Steam, that may be a good one to play and maybe livestream (hopefully it does not suffer from the same networking and save file issues the XBox LIVE version does). Hammerwatch is another great option for that retro-style dungeon crawler experience!


For more details on SteamOS and the upcoming hardware, GameInformer goes into detail about the beta process and what we should expect next. Valve is making big moves and just in time for the holiday season and the next-gen console releases. Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo better step it up – the big boys are coming to town!

More On SteamOS & Valve’s Plans For The Gaming Industry:

JV (John Vechey) Still A Dork <3

If you ever had the [mis]fortune of playing ARC, you may remember JV from his pre-PopCap days. He was a dork then and he still is now. We love him for it! Shame their games are such regurgitated crap but that’s the industry these days…

In this meme-caliber video, John Vechey does a strange uppercut-like power-slam-esque move to celebrate possibly the least exciting news of E3: Peggle 2 is in the works!  Don’t get me wrong, Peggle is a fun enough game but this is certainly nothing earth-shattering.  I am crossing my fingers for the day our friends at PopCap can come up with an IP that is actually unique AND fun.

NOTE:  The crowd does not share JV’s excitement..  Poor guy.  Still, we commend him for the excitement he continues to have today!  If only more presenters were like this at conventions.

Play & Win On XBox LIVE – Assassin’s Creed: Revelations and Halo Anniversary

It’s not too late to take advantage of the current XBox LIVE Play & Win contests. Microsoft has two promotions going on: one for Assassin’s Creed: Revelations and one for Halo Anniversary Edition.

In simple terms, download the special gamer pics to register for FREE. Then play the games online A LOT. Play lots and maybe YOU can win!

Here are the specifics:

Assassin’s Creed Revelations Play & Win On XBox LIVE – Win Turtle Beach Gear!

Play & Win Contests On XBox LIVE

The Halo Anniversary Play & Win ends December 5th so your best bet is to log 10 hours or more of online multiplayer ASAP. With Play & Win, the winners seem to be random but each hour of online gameplay is another chance to win. Let’s get busy!

What are the current Play & Win prizes, you ask?

You can win one of ten prizes of 10,000 Microsoft Points with Halo Anniversary. With Assassin’s Creed Revelations, you can win premium (read “over-priced”) Turtle Beach gear or 1600 Microsoft Points. I reckon your chances are better with Halo seeing how more people are probably going for the Turtle Beach gear.

Good luck and happy huntin’! 8)

UPDATE: Don’t forget to log onto Assassin’s Creed: Revelations before Monday, December 19th 11:59pm PDT (December 20th 2:59am EDT) to enter a chance to win one of the many prizes up for grabs (estimated value over $4000).

Modern Warfare 3 And Call Of Duty Elite: Love It And Hate It

First and foremost, let’s be clear: you can play Modern Warfare 3 without ponying up $50 for the Call of Duty Elite subscription. The thing is, it’s not really optional. Call of Duty Elite can simply be described as the only way to play Modern Warfare 3 at it’s full potential; otherwise, many reviews point to MW3 as Modern Warfare 2.5 – really?

With Call of Duty Elite, you get a year;s worth of free DLCs, which almost pays for itself. You also get access to full stats, advanced clan management, and social networking features. All fine and dandy but the thing that really burns me is that dedicated, moderated servers will only be available to Call of Duty Elite subscribers.

To me, it feels like Call of Duty Elite is a forced upsell. Sure, you don’t need it, but, without it, you’re getting the watered-down experience. Modders, boosters, and cheaters will have full reign in the free “servers”. Seems like bad news to me. Read the rest of this entry

Gaming Clan Series: Don’t Ph33r Twitter And Blogs

My Gaming Clan Leadership Lessons From A Newb remains one of the most popular articles on Y3B and one of the favorites on top Google SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).  I say that not to impress anyone but, rather, to impress upon you that there is a huge interest in the following:

  • social media strategy
  • gaming clan skills
  • effective communication
  • transferable skills for video game geeks
  • leadership skills for gaming clans

Bridging the gap between the technology and “soft side” of social gaming clans is one of those pursuits I did simply because I believe in the message and have a bit of experience with it.  What’s more important is that I am a newb, like you, because we’re all learning every day.  Even with the Nipples of Fate rocking hard since the nineties,  we remain humbled because there are always opportunities for growth and improvement.

So, today I am here to share with you a very important message that I am going to turn into my proverbial dead horse (YAY!):

ATTENTION GAMING CLANS:  Do not ph33r Twitter and blogs.

I’ve received countless messages via XBox LIVE, Twitter, WordPress, and more where clan leaders share their frustrations with clan members that are giving them pushback with their social media strategy.

Why is it that people are social media agnostics – especially in gaming clans, where communication is crucial!?

For those paying attention, you know I’ve already shared my top reasons and tips for using Twitter (for social media agnostics).    Here, I’d like to discuss the benefits of Twitter and blogs for gaming clans. Read the rest of this entry


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