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19 premium games on sale through Google Play: Shadowrun Returns, 10000000 and several others

19 premium games on sale through Google Play: Shadowrun Returns, 10000000 and several others Via

Buckshot (Stay on Target) :: Defiance Patch 1.020

We just received a patch yesterday, and we are getting another tomorrow. Hey I’m not complaining, I am glad they are on top of things, by giving us new content and fixing the bugs. So here is the rundown of what we are getting tomorrow and what it being fixed. I’m really stoked that Freight Yard will be back, we can finally do those damn pursuits.

Patch 1.020 – Buckshot (Stay on Target)

● Along with numerous improvements and bug fixes, this update also includes new content that will tie in with recent and future events around the Defiance TV show. This content will be released alongside new episodes. In the interest of avoiding spoilers, we’ve omitted specifics, but it includes new missions, new goals, and a new open world game mode called Sieges!
● We’ve continued to optimize areas around the game world to improve performance.
● Even more updates to improve server performance.
● Continued to optimize voice chat options and functionality. You should hear less robo-voice, stuttering, warbling, and slurring.
● The PvP map, Freight Yard, is back!
● The Dam Defense Hotshot is available again.

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Defiance Lockbox Drop Rates & Daily Contract Resets

First and foremost, I want to warn people to avoid Tier 4 lock boxes on Defiance. They cost 8x and 3x more than Tier 2 and 3 boxes, respectively, and the drop rates for purple and orange items is only marginally greater.

This community project proves it:

My experience has been that Tier 4 lockboxes are only promoted by tryhards who grind for keycodes 24/7 and got lucky with a few pulls. What ends up happening is these self-proclaimed gurus get a legendary drop on their first or one of their first pulls and then they wrongfully tell other players that Tier 4 is the “only” way to go.

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Originally posted on Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Pass ONLINE (An NoF Portal):

We’re a little late to the party but don’t forget to download your FREE gamer pic and avatar item today!


XBox LIVE turned 10 years old officially on November 15th.  This is a pretty big deal so Microsoft has several awesome (and some random) games available for 50% OFF for two days.  That means tonight is it! Peggle, Castle Crashers, and other great games are up for grabs on the cheap now.

We’re disappointed that they’re no celebrating for longer but there is an opportunity to enter the sweepstakes/giveaway and possibly win one of the VERY limited edition XBox 360 console bundles.  We reckon they may be similar to the bundles we saw in Europe back in February 2012.


For me, this is a positive social signal that Microsoft is not abandoning the XBox 360 just yet.  Really, I’m not ready to commit to new hardware unless it’s new upgrades…

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The Best Gangnam Style Parodies

PSY is everywhere!!

With the news that PSY has been signed by Justin Bieber’s manager, his performance at the VMAs and his recent appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, we may soon find ourselves overloaded on his over-the-top  “Gangnam Style.” So, let’s enjoy it while it lasts and celebrate our five favorite “Gangnam Style” parodies after the jump. Read the rest of this entry


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