Today’s free Android app of the day

SuperBox improves your phone’s performance, boasting 10 Android enhancing tools neatly packaged in one app. It’s safe to call SuperBox the Swiss Army knife of Android assistant apps. Show your Android you care, and check its health. You drop it, forget to charge it, install junk, run junk, push the limits on space, and expect your little phone to keep chugging along. Where’s the love?

Taking care of your phone with the proper tools can be easy, so no worries: it’s in the box.

View how much battery life you've got based on how you are using your phone

SuperBox displays not only your battery power, but displays how much battery life you’ve got, depending on what you want to do. View remaining battery time for TalkTime, AudioTime, VideoTime, Web Surfing Time, and Idle Time. Watching YouTube videos will drain your battery much faster than just sitting idle. With SuperBox, you can see exactly how much faster. Additionally, review battery widget support.

Check the temperature of your battery and the overall health. You don’t really expect your phone to be happy if you leave it in your car in humid, Central Florida mid-July, do you?

With the features, Extend Battery Life, and Boost Battery Life, take measures to quickly alter settings to get the most from your battery. Conveniently set screen timeout, volume control, screen brightness, ringer control, GPS settings, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Airplane Mode, 2G/3G toggle, Auto-sync data, and Wi-Fi hotspot. There’s no need to fumble around in your device’s settings. It’s all right here.

Manage your SD card and save internal phone storage

Input keywords to find your apps, and install/uninstall apps easily. SuperBox will list all of the apps that can be moved to your SD card to help you save your internal phone storage. Easily pick and choose the apps you want to move, and do so quickly and easily.

Explore and manage your SD card. Open, copy, cut, rename, delete, transfer, and share your apps, music, videos, and images.

Keep your phone secure. The App Safeguard helps scan an app’s permissions, finding apps that may cost you money, apps that access your personal information or network information, and apps that modify your SD card contents.

Free your internal memory by reviewing a list of your apps with cache files. Check the cache size and clear it with one click. Choose to clear all or clear the cache for only specified applications. While you’re at it, clear your browser history. Just clean it out! Feels good, doesn’t it.

The task killer allows you to quickly kill processes on your Android device by displaying all running processes. Enjoy the instant gratification that will speed up your phone and save your battery.

These are the essential functions that keep you phone happy. Keep them all in one place and mend your relationship with your phone. You both deserve it.

Scan an app's permissions and keep your phone safe and secure

10 Android enhancing tools neatly packaged in one app

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