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  1. w00t – I feel extra inspired this morning, albeit sleep-deprived!

    Anywho, for those not in-the-know, that was the official Nipples of Fate Creed (this link contains other NoF quotes and memorabilia, as found on Don’t worry: we’re not a fanatical religious group and we will not offer you strange Kool-Aid to drink. ;o)


  2. Lol nice one no sleep here either brink? hehe

    • Still working.. Got to stay focused! We’ll geek out once I’m ahead of the game. Then I have like a five-day grace period, sorta kinda. Gotta pay dem bills, yo! ;o)

      Brink does sound good, though.. I’d like to play more Mortal Kombat too….

  3. ITS GOING UP!!!! 218 views 87 today

  4. Still going 221 views all-time views and 90 today

      • Thank you, StumbleUpon! SU went from 1 view to 50 in a matter of minutes. It’s all about choosing the right tags! =oD

        If you want to easily promote the eZine/blog, share via Digg and SU, then promote those reviews via other social media tools.. If you use TwitPic, for example, we can quickly hit #1 on Google SERPs!

        Promote, promote, promote – w00t!!

      • Ya ill leave that up to you atm I am not too familiar with those sites yet maybe tomorrow you can give me a quick crash course on them.

  5. Today was a good day 226 all-time views
    95 views today

  6. man i love reading this thing everyday but i just read it in my email ill have to goto the page to work up that hit counter!

    • Not sure how that works through feed burner

      • what do you mean? Feedburner doesn’t keep track of site traffic, only number subscribers. There is a feed counter that can be installed on the site if you want to do that. I myself am not big on site counters but that’s just my thing.

        As for site traffic, well you already know those numbers from the Dashboard. You keep reporting those :)

    • Loving the comments and feedback guys. There’s always something to build and improve upon for sure. We have an endless supply of ideas but not enough time, it seems. Time for more sleepless nights! ;o)

  7. And with 9 minutes left until a new day..*DRUM ROLL* Please.. Our new record for the day is 230 views all-time and 99 views today. Thanks to all our readers for promoting the heck out of this good things to come for NoF in the future yes good things

  8. I put the hits counter on the site. Sounds like you wanted out there :)

    • Beat me to the punch again!

      Today is a bit quiet but I’m sure the evening hours will pick back up. I think I set up the native e-mail feed to go out early in the day so we can take advantage of a full day.. Some people use third-party tools to view and subscribe to blogs, which circumvents Feedburner all together.

      Anywho, this is great because not only are we encouraging feedback and conversations via engaging, open-ended articles.. but we are also giving our supporters something to celebrate!

      Great work, guys! =oD

  9. I don’t have access to it. I was talking about the site stats and settings. Weird timezones are always fun. =oP

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